Percetakan Konta Sdn. Bhd. was established since
1980. Over the past three decades, Konta has
emerged as a leading one-stop customer oriented
printing house in the northern region with modern
equipement and facilities.


We specialized in printing a variety of products,
which indcludes packaging color boxes, fluting
display color boxes, books, magazines, leaflets,
cards sand, and any other offset printings.


The company is committed to provide premium
products at competitive prices, reliable production
schedules and attentive customers service.


This commitment is reflected by its consistent
upgrading and investment in its production facilities
as well as its emphasis in skills acquisition through
in-house and external training programs.


We welcome new opportunities to apply our skills
and services to meet your specific printing and
packaging needs.

We are proud to be an ISO: 9001 and FSC certified company:

FSC Certified ISO: 9001